Jenna Mefford
Jenna Mefford

Jenna Mefford

About Jenna

Jenna Mefford, our esteemed Hospital Lead at the Buckeye Clinic, brings a robust 12-year background in veterinary medicine focused on small animals. A Mesa, AZ, high school graduate and former FFA Vice-president, Jenna’s journey into veterinary medicine was fueled by her desire to give animals a voice and save lives through meticulous care. Her passion shines brightest in her engagements with clients, ensuring their pets’ needs are met with empathy and precision, and in her dedication to mentoring staff towards excellence.

Jenna’s approach to veterinary care is rooted in the belief that sharing knowledge within the clinic amplifies the quality of care provided. As a Fear Free Certified professional, she champions a stress-free environment for both patients and staff, underscoring her commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

Outside the clinic, Jenna’s life is filled with crafting, movie nights, and quality family time with her three children. Her lifelong connection with animals, from rescuing stray pets to nursing birds back to health, highlights her innate compassion and dedication to animal welfare. Jenna’s favorite animal, the giraffe, symbolizes her unique perspective on care and leadership.

Looking ahead, Jenna is focused on further developing her leadership skills and expanding her knowledge to better serve her team and the Buckeye community. Her advice to aspiring veterinarians is a testament to her own path: Learn from a variety of professionals and confidently contribute to the field. Jenna Mefford embodies the heart and soul of veterinary care, making her an invaluable leader at our Buckeye clinic.

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