Dr. Dino Herrera
Dr. Dino Herrera

Dr. Dino Herrera

Dr. Dino Herrera is a distinguished member of the VetHaven team, specializing in emergency care with a focus on traumatology and reconstructive soft tissue surgery. His extensive training and compassionate approach make him a trusted advocate for the health and well-being of all animals in his care.

Dr. Herrera embarked on his veterinary journey at the University of Florida, where he earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree. He further honed his skills through a rigorous internship at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City, followed by advanced training in veterinary medicine at the University of Veracruz.

With a career underscored by a passion for emergency medical care, Dr. Herrera excels in high-pressure environments where critical thinking and swift action save lives. He is particularly adept at managing complex surgical cases that require precision and a deep understanding of animal anatomy. His expertise encompasses a wide range of emergency soft tissue surgeries, ensuring that he is well-equipped to handle any challenge that comes his way.

Dr. Herrera grew up in Mexico and has lived in various regions, enriching his life experiences and deepening his appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives. An avid traveler, he has explored countries across North and Central America, Europe, and Asia, capturing the beauty of these lands through his keen interest in photography. When he is not practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Herrera enjoys spending quality time with his family and pets, who are his constant source of inspiration and joy.

Believing that every animal deserves compassionate and high-quality care, Dr. Herrera is dedicated to continual learning and improvement in veterinary medicine. He works closely with pet owners to ensure they are informed and comfortable with the care plans devised for their pets, fostering a collaborative and trusting environment.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from University of Florida

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