Amanda Hackman
Amanda Hackman

Amanda Hackman

About Amanda

Amanda Hackman stands at the forefront of VetHaven's Talent Acquisition, bringing over a decade of expertise in strategic recruitment and selection. With a Bachelor of Science from the University of Phoenix, Amanda has made a significant impact in shaping a diverse and professional workforce that resonates with VetHaven's culture and goals.

Her journey in talent management is marked by a strong track record in implementing effective recruitment policies, procedures, and models, all aimed at fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the organization. Amanda's skills extend to organizing impactful training and development programs, managing integrated talent administration, and excelling in performance management and senior-level staffing.

Recognized among her peers for her exceptional communication skills, Amanda has a unique ability to seamlessly transition between the 'big picture' and 'finer details.' Her approach to talent acquisition is not just about filling positions but about building connections – with ideas, education, organizations, and people. This philosophy has made her a pivotal figure in creating solid, authentic relationships and a welcoming, supportive environment at VetHaven.

Having lived in Phoenix for 38 years after moving from the Chicago area at the age of 12, Amanda considers it her lifelong home. Her personal passions include traveling with her family to warm, beachside destinations, thrifting for hidden treasures, pursuing health and wellness, and enjoying cozy moments with her two beloved doodles.

At VetHaven, Amanda is more than just a head of talent acquisition; she is a connector and a long-term asset, dedicated to cultivating a team that upholds the highest standards of care and professionalism. Her commitment to VetHaven's mission is unwavering, as she continues to seek and nurture the best talent in the veterinary field.


Amanda has a Bachelor of Science from University of Phoenix.

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