Metro Center, AZ

Our Petsmart Veterinary Services Branded Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona

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10405 N 31st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051
Metro Center, AZ

About the clinic

Metrocenter Petsmart represents the epitome of modern veterinary care. Under the capable leadership of Dr. Jarrod Dorsey, our clinic is dedicated to providing exceptional services that cater to the comprehensive health needs of your pets.

Why Choose Our Metrocenter Clinic?

  1. Guided by Dr. Jarrod Dorsey: With Dr. Dorsey at the helm, our clinic is renowned for its exceptional care, combining expertise with a passion for animal health to provide the best possible outcomes for your pets.
  2. A Full Range of Veterinary Services: Whether it's preventive care, diagnostics, surgery, or dental care, our Metrocenter clinic is equipped to handle all aspects of veterinary medicine, ensuring your pet's health is in good hands.
  3. Conveniently Located: Nestled within Petsmart at Metrocenter, our clinic offers the convenience of accessible veterinary care, making it easier for Phoenix pet owners to look after their pet's health.
  4. Personalized Approach to Pet Care: We believe every pet has unique health needs. Our team focuses on individualized care, ensuring your pet receives treatments and recommendations tailored to their specific requirements.
  5. Strong Community Connections: As an integral part of the Phoenix community, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of local pets and their families, ensuring a deep understanding and connection with our clients.

Your Pet's Health, Our Priority in Phoenix

Our Metrocenter clinic in Phoenix, led by Dr. Jarrod Dorsey, is more than just a veterinary service provider; it's a place where the care and wellbeing of your pets are paramount. Visit us to experience a welcoming atmosphere where professional care meets compassion and dedication.

About the hospital

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Ryan Bendele
Field Operations

Ryan Bendele

Leading VetHaven's field ops with 24 years in vet med, passionate about mentoring, animals, and fostering a vibrant culture.

Valerie Vergnetti
Chief Operating Officer

Valerie Vergnetti

Visionary leader with a track record in growing startups and Fortune 100 companies, MBA, and NASA awardee.

John Dorsey
Founder / President

John Dorsey

Committed to creating a supportive, stress-aware work environment for veterinarians' well-being.

Dr. Jarrod Dorsey
Partner / Veterinarian, DVM

Dr. Jarrod Dorsey

DVM from RUSVM, excels in veterinary care with a focus on trust, continual learning, and a deep-rooted passion for animal welfare.

Dr. Sandy Williams
Medical Director / Veterinarian, DVM

Dr. Sandy Williams

35+ years in vet medicine, expert in small & exotic animals, passionate mentor, Tuskegee Univ. alumini.